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We were very pleased and proud of our Silver Green Tourism Business Scheme awarded last year.

This year we have decided not to advertise through the Green Business Scheme for we believe that we still contribute towards sustainability, without paying to join another association to prove what we stand for, we hope that our guests also understand if we all contribute even in a small way it will help our environnment




We have lived around the Portsmouth area for most of our lives, and we are committed to reducing the impact we as a Guest House are having on the environment. Here are some of the positive steps we are taking today:


  • Ensuring maximum use of energy efficient lighting and with effective controls installed to minimise waste - timer switches installed for public area lighting.
  • Replacement of household appliances to 'A' rated for energy saving as an ongoing project.
  • All our energy use is monitored for efficiency - Analysed monthly to determine trends.
  • A newly installed 'A' rated central heating system, controlling heating & hot water. All radiators are thermostatically controlled with settings checked.
  • Monitoring use of our water demand - our toilet cisterns all have a water-saving devise installed.
  • We use phosphate free cleaning products.
  • Buying recycled paper products.
  • We purchase Fairtrade products, as much as possible.
  • Buying locally sourced produce wherever possible.
  • Implementing resource conscious policy in guest rooms - we recycle guest rubbish and encourage a laundry- friendly attitude.
  • Encouraging our guests to explore the local area, including use of public transport wherever possible.
  • We are located in the heart of a Southsea and encourage our visitors to explore the area by foot (maps are provided).
  • Local tradespeople and companies are used for maintenance work whenever possible.

    Our aim is to balance the needs of our own business and those of our guests against our desire to protect the natural surroundings in order to help maintain and enhance our local community.

Birchwood Guest House
44 Waverley Road, Southsea,
Portsmouth, Hants, PO5 2PP
Tel: +44 (0)23 9281 1337
E-mail: enquiries@birchwood.uk.com